I really don’t think movies can get better than this film, this trilogy even! Now, watching this as an adult a lot of the motives really don’t make sense. I mean the whole rivalry in the movie is based off a relationship Gordon Bombay, a full adult, had when he was 12 or something. He really just needed to get over it far before he was forced to look after a bunch kids when he was punished for drinking and driving, something that would never happen in a Disney movie today. But obviously my and probably everyone’s love for this movie comes from watching it about a hundred times as a kid. I mean the kids in this film are basically adult comedians. They’re legitimately funny and constantly prove to be just as quick-witted and smart as most of the adults in this film. As a kid that was so cool and made me basically want to be one of them. Hockey was never my sport, which I regret, but it was still very relatable.

If you have never seen any of these films then I’m sorry that you missed out on it.


In terms of nostalgic movies, I don’t think there’s much bad I can say about the whole The Mighty Ducks trilogy. Watching it as an adult, it was pretty funny to catch things that I hadn’t caught before. The whole start of The Mighty Ducks is based around Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) and his weird issues.

My memory of the plot of The Mighty Ducks was that Bombay was an ex-hockey star who somehow is forced to coach a pee-wee hockey team. That’s soooooort of true. What really happened is that Bombay was pee-wee hockey star that is now a lawyer being forced to coach the team after being caught driving drunk. Not quite as rosy as I remembered. But what’s insane is that Bombay is a grown man (Estevez was 30 when it was filmed) who is completely traumatized by a pee-wee hockey game he participated in. Except, the game itself wasn’t even that crazy! Bombay had an evil pee-wee coach, Reilly (Lane Smith), who put the pressure on Bombay when it was his chance to make a foul shot (don’t know if that’s what it’s called, but you get it) in the third quarter of some final game. Bombay missed it, which sucks, but it wasn’t even the end of the game! It wasn’t even the fourth quarter! Bombay making the shot would have helped the team win, but wouldn’t have guaranteed it. But apparently it was awful enough to make Bombay quit hockey forever. This is just so bizarre to me. When we meet Bombay, he’s a powerful attorney, so the fact that he hasn’t emotionally moved on from this pee-wee hockey game is sort of absurd. I think this part of the plot would have made a lot more sense if Bombay was a high school or college kid.

Anyway, besides all of that weirdness, The Mighty Ducks still holds up; it’s still cute and fun and, sometimes, legitimately funny, too.

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