My memory of Idle Hands was that it was a movie I had seen a ton of times, but only for the sex scenes. I remember thinking it was super scary otherwise, what with parents getting murdered and the killer hiding under the bed and all. Watching it now, I’m 99% sure I had only seen Idle Hands all the way through once and it was just the sex scenes I had seen a ton. Womp womp. Makes sense though.

I usually have a hard time enjoying movies that try to incorporate horror, comedy, and sex as much as Idle Hands does. Those feelings are too different to me for the movie to feel connected. Idle Hands was no exception, and it didn’t really help that the humor was pretty gross. Also, Jessica Alba is in it as the love interest and her character is comically underdeveloped. When Anton (Devon Sawa) goes to Molly (Alba)’s door for the first time, he bangs on it repeatedly and she answers the door in her underwear. And wants Anton to stay. Even though she’s just supposed to be in high school, Molly acts like what middle school boys dream of high school girls acting like: dumb and always down to have sex with no consequences. Sort of lame.

Now that I’m an adult, I really don’t have a desire to see Idle Hands, or even any of its sex scenes, again.


This is a movie I never saw but had seen multiple parts on FX throughout my life. It just seems like one of those movies that shows up on TV often. I’m glad it took me till now to see it though because it totally would of freaked me out as a kid. That being said I would of totally been into the topless scene. Had I know nudity was part of this film I think I would have been more interested when I was younger.

The story is about a kid who realizes that his hand is possessed and does everything he can to stop it/himself. It starts out with Fred Willard being the dad, which I was excited for, but he doesn’t really make it too far. The story is really all over the place, but it works well in this movie, I think. It does not do a lot of explaining and instead has a scene to scene feel about it. You know what’s going on as soon as everyone else does.

If you missed this movie like I did you might want to check it out cause I enjoyed it but I can see people having seen this their whole life being bored by it.

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