George Harrison - Living in a Material World (8)


After we watched the Martin Scorsese-directed documentary No Direction Home we had agreed that we would watch this film as well. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did but now I’m glad; I always thought George Harrison was my favorite Beatle. He seemed so genuine and kind, it was nice to see. I also wasn’t expecting John Lennon to seem so evil! I thought he was supposed to be so hippie and carefree. Now I kind of want to watch something on him.

Elizabeth has mentioned reading the giant Beatles biography book, this movie has me thinking it would be a good idea to try to get through it as well. I also thought it was nice that this movie went through his whole life. I love the Bob Dylan documentary so much but it only covers a small part of his career.

Watch this if you haven’t seen it. If nothing else it’s just a good documentary.


I saw this when it first came out and I absolutely loved it. George Harrison was always my favorite Beatle; the George Harrison poster I regularly kissed in my elementary school bedroom can vouch for that.

What’s great about George Harrison: Living in the Material World is that it doesn’t tell you about every little thing that happened in George Harrison’s life. It focuses mostly on his career and spirituality, and its that spirituality that I thought was the most interesting to learn about. As someone who’s not religious myself, the way George Harrison viewed religion and spirituality still makes a lot of sense to me. I also just love hearing about the kind of life he had; it pretty much seems that once the Beatles ended and he was insanely rich, he spent the rest of his life just doing what he wanted, whether that was his solo career or raising his son. I just feel like that’s so perfect, to be so successful at making such great art that you get to retire early and do whatever you want, including make more art, and I love that that was George Harrison’s experience.



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