AWAY WE GO (2009)



I definitely liked this movie more than I thought I was going to. It was still a little too cute for me but I think it had interesting moments. I think the idea of trying to decide on where to raise a child would be best decided by visiting multiple places. However I just think the idea could of been a little more developed. They visit different states but they only really base their experience there off the friends they already know there. Not the landscape or the city or the food or the school system.

I hope this did not make Elizabeth mad! I tried to make a point this time. Also if you are at all interested I think you should check this out it just wasn’t for me.


Well I don’t know what Chris is going to say about Away We Go, but I know he was not into this movie despite my best efforts. But it’s so good!

I love the concept of this movie. Verona (Maya Rudolph) and Burt (John Krasinski) are a young, unmarried couple a few months away from having a baby. They find out that Burt’s parents are moving to Belgium for two years right after the baby is born, and because Verona and Burt only live where they do to be near his parents, they decide to use the opportunity to find a city to settle down in.

What I loved most was the relationship between Verona and Burt. It felt both real and unreal to me. When I first saw this movie about 6 years ago, I liked Verona and Burt as a couple but thought they kind of over-exaggerated their relationship. Like there’s just no way two people like that can just be in love like that. But luckily now that I’m with Chris I know that their relationship is realistic, and it made me feel sort of at home watching it.

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