Ortiz Boston Bombings


Watching David Ortiz In The Moment not long after Bobby Fischer Against the World sort of proved to me that I can be biased for or against documentaries based on the subject. David Ortiz in the Moment had a lot of the same issues as Bobby Fischer Against the World, namely that there was not one negative thing said about David Ortiz. But I still liked it more because it was about baseball. So sue me!

I really wasn’t familiar with David Ortiz before this except for his name, but I’m always trying to learn more about baseball and all the players, especially if it’s not related to The Orioles because in general I only really care about them. But I try to branch out!

This was interesting, but don’t expect any hard-hitting journalism here.


This was interesting just to know more about David Ortiz but again there was absolutely nothing negative about him in this whole film. When I think of David Ortiz I just think of an arrogant guy who destroys phones in dugouts like a child. This documentary made it sound like he’s a living god, it was just kind of annoying. It was nice knowing a little bit more but this felt like watching a WWE documentary, it was just so obviously produced by the people it was on. Not really worth watching but I hope this gets us to watch Ken Burns’ Baseball.


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