This is really the first time I ever watched through this whole movie. I remember seeing it all the time on Comedy Central but for whatever reason I never really wanted to watch it. I have no clue why though because I used to watch Blazing Saddles almost every month the year I first saw that movie. And I really love The Producers, but for whatever reason I thought I might not like it. I’m glad it’s one of Elizabeth’s favorites because it was pretty great!

I definitely feel like I’ll never like Mel Brooks comedies as much as I did when I was younger but this movie made me laugh a lot. I guess watching it now it now I think a lot of the jokes might fall short but there are a ton so if something isn’t that funny something good immediately follows. Generally I can’t stand this technique but I think Mel Brooks can do it well sometimes.


God, I love this movie. There’s really no telling how many times I’ve seen it, either. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is like Clueless to me in that I’ve seen it a million times starting out pretty young, and it’s a movie whose jokes made more and more sense each time I saw it.

There’s definitely some humor that dates the movie, like characters using The Club to lock up their horses. But dating a movie isn’t necessarily all that bad, and I don’t think it hurts Robin Hood: Men in Tights much. It can be pretty goofy, but just along the same lines as all of Mel Brooks’ movies. Cary Elwes is really perfect as this Robin Hood; he kind of looks like Robin Hood-era Errol Flynn, he can be sassy and goofy, and he’s not such a “serious” actor like other traditional Robin Hoods, though he can still be a very classic kind of actor.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights also really nails it with its 90’s supporting cast, especially Dave Chappelle and Richard Lewis. It’s kind of hard for me to be at all objective about this movie, but it is so funny and great and everyone should give it a chance, especially if you’ve seen all or most of the other Robin Hood-based movies.

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