I feel bad saying this because this is not what the movie is about I generally don’t like this attitude, but I just have to say it: I think Julia Stiles is hideous. There, it’s out there, I’m an asshole, don’t care. But I find her almost physically difficult to look at. So when you have her as a romantic lead, and Heath Ledger is not involved, and the movie is as bad as The Prince and Me . . . I mean it’s just not a good situation.

In case you hadn’t guessed just by the nature of its existence, The Prince and Me is about a prince, Edvard (Luke Mably) who meets a girl, Paige (Stiles) in college, who does not know he’s a prince, and they fall in love. First conflict with this: Edvard is the prince of Denmark. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Nothing, not at first glance. Except that Denmark is a real country with a real prince and is a fairly important and definitely well-known European country. Would I expect Paige to be up on European royalty and therefore discover her boyfriend is the prince of Denmark? Of course not. But no one realized he was the prince of Denmark? There are no Danes at the University of Wisconsin, at all? No one thinks it’s newsworthy that a prince from a major European country is attending school in Wisconsin? The whole thing is that this could have been an easy out by making Edvard the prince of some made up country, The Princess Diaries-style. The Princess Diaries is far from the greatest movie, but compared to The Prince and Me it kinda is.

So, Edvard goes to college in Wisconsin because he saw a Girls Gone Wild-style commercial that took place in Wisconsin. Charming! This is taken even further when Edvard asks Paige to take off her shirt upon meeting him, just like the girls in the video, because if we know anything it’s that a prince from Denmark would be fucking idiotic enough to mistake Girls Gone Wild for some kind of reflection of common American culture even though it goes against everything else that prince might know about American culture. Okay!

Edvard and Paige become lab partners in organic chemistry, because it really seems like the prince of Denmark would take organic chemistry that is for pre-med majors (which Paige is). I guess because he sounds British-ish, Paige correctly assumes Edvard can help her with Shakespeare, which he does and I guess that’s enough for her to invite him home for Thanksgiving. They fall in love somehow, until paparazzi at school (?) catch them making out in the library and Edvard’s cover as not a prince is blown. Edvard gets a message from his mother that his father is sick just in time for the useless plot of him as a student to get wrapped up. He goes back to Denmark, then Paige realizes that maybe being in love with a prince is cool so she goes to Denmark, too. She has to stop at a crowded parade, which Edvard is in, but the crowd recognizes her as Edvard’s girlfriend, which gets Edvard’s attention, which blah blah blah they get together in the end. Not before Paige can say the great line, “Denmark’s not ready for a queen like me.” OH! I’m SURE not, Julia Stiles!

I saw this movie in high school with my mom, best friend, and her mom. I think we went into it hoping for another 13 Going on 30 experience, but it was quickly clear that that would never, ever happen with The Prince and Me. It subsequently became one of the first movies that I openly laughed at because of its stupidity and really started a personal trend that is obviously still going on of sharing really terrible movies with friends. So . . . thanks for that, The Prince and Me?


This movie is as dumb as romantic comedies can be. The whole premise of the film is about the prince of Denmark watching a Girls Gone Wild commercial featuring Wisconsin ladies and the plot progresses from there. It made me feel like if I was in middle school, how would I write a romantic comedy? Well it certainly would be based around sexy commercials you could watch at 4 am on Comedy Central.

Elizabeth had warned me this movie was bad and it was, but it certainly held my attention throughout. I will say though that we watched this a few weeks ago and I just had to read the Wikipedia page on it before I wrote this review so it’s definitely not one that stuck with me, like others. However, I do think that since Elizabeth and I have started out writing this blog, I think Julia Stiles might be the worst actor we have come across. It seems so bizarre that she’s a movie star but I guess with movies like this she really only appeals to a certain demographic.

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