I love For All Mankind because if someone asked me what kind of movie I would want to see about the US space program, this is exactly what I would come up with.

For All Mankind has no central narrator and no “host,” it sets up the movie with some simple text about when the space program started, along with clips of the famous Kennedy speech that includes him saying “But because they are haaaaaaaaaaard,” in that super Kennedy voice that just cracks me up. Anyway, everything here is archival footage; we don’t even see any interviews or anything. From start to finish, the first trip to the moon is presented to us exactly in the way that it was captured. We see the anxious men in NASA directing the seemingly less anxious men in space. Sometimes the dialogue was a little hard to hear because it’s literally given to us through the transmissions that they were using themselves. But you don’t really need to hear every little thing because For All Mankind is gorgeous.

This movie does a lot to show how the astronauts felt, particularly that they couldn’t stop looking at earth once they were away from it. Some of the shots are just incredible; we’ve all seen pictures and video in various form of what the earth looks like from space, but these included details like being able to see the flames from African tribes spotted throughout the continent. We’ve also all seen videos and pictures of astronauts floating around in their ships, but this includes things like them explaining how you poop in space and listening to the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme while they travel through space.

The most incredible footage, though, comes from their time on the moon. Like everything else, we’ve all seen photos and videos of the moon and of especially the first walk on the moon. But this went beyond that; you really see the moon here, the entire landscape and vastness of it and how amazing and also terrifying it really is. It looks like you’re watching something not real and knowing that you are is kind of mind-blowing.

Everyone needs to see this, whether you’re particularly interested in space travel or not. It’s just too important.


This movie was great! It was interesting to see footage from the astronauts of the first moon landing. I don’t really have much else to say. I think if you are interested you should definitely check this out because of its importance to history but it’s more of a journal entry than a movie, I think.

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