TABLOID (2010)



I have never heard of any of this story before. It is absolutely insane and I’m glad Elizabeth wanted to watch it. This is one of those movies that I’ve seen the cover around a lot but never actually knew what it was about. I don’t think I would do justice trying to describe this movie ‘cause it’s so detailed but if you are looking for a good documentary this needs to be on your list.


Tabloid is a crazy story and a good documentary for people who like storytelling. It’s not like The Thin Blue Line where there are reenactments telling different stories, but rather it’s just people talking into the camera, telling their stories, accompanied mostly with pictures.

Tabloid is about Joyce McKinney who may or may not have kidnapped a Morman man, Kirk Anderson, that she was in love with in the 70s. McKinney definitely took Anderson, the question is whether or not she was actually helping him escape the church (as she says) or just kidnapped him, as Anderson later insisted. The biggest flaw of Tabloid is the lack of Anderson’s perspective, who refused to be interviewed. In fact, there were very few reliable narrators here, which sort of made the movie feel unfinished to me. Even with Anderson, it’s unlikely the truth would have come out because both parties just have too much to lose. But to me it just felt a little unresolved.

Tabloid might not be the greatest or craziest documentary ever, but I have to say I really enjoyed watching it. Even though the honesty of everyone was questionable, it was still so interesting to hear everyone’s perspective.

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