• Best Picture – Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Lisa Bruce and Anthony McCarten
  • Best Actor – Eddie Redmayne
  • Best Actress – Felicity Jones
  • Best Original Score – Jóhann Jóhannsson
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – Anthony McCarten


Hopefully this is the absolute low side of Oscar movies this year cause this movie was tough to get through. This is certainly the perfect example of a movie Elizabeth and I would of never watched had it not been nominated for an Oscar. And why was it nominated exactly? I kept asking myself that after sitting through this collage of montages.

The Theory of Everything was boring, had very little character development, and was full of the same scenes over and over again. The biggest conflicts that appear in this movie could of all easily been avoided had some sort of communication happened between ANYBODY. Obviously a big part of the film involves Stephen Hawking slowly becoming paralyzed due to ALS. However, even the other characters in this film can’t say what they are thinking to each other. Because of this everyone is miserable in this movie, especially the viewer.

One thing that is pretty funny in this movie is the character of Jonathan Hellye, played by Charlie Cox. Cox’s character, a third party who starts off as a helper but ends as an adulterer, plays the exact same role as he did in Boardwalk Empire. Except he doesn’t kill anyone in The Theory of Everything. Almost exactly. I can only assume that the casting director of the film was a giant Boardwalk Empire fan, saw that his movie had the exact same character and immediately knew Cox was who they were going to cast. If you watched Boardwalk Empire it’s kind of distracting. However, that didn’t really matter too much because by the time he shows up you’re well into a movie you know is bad.

Skip this for sure! The acting was good and the makeup was good but I would love to know why this is up for so many Oscars.


The Theory of Everything falls squarely into my category of Movies I Have No Interest In Seeing But Now I Have To See Because It’s Nominated For An Oscar. The main reason I didn’t want to see it was that this movie about the life of Stephen Hawking was promoted as a love story between he and his wife, Jane. The tagline is “His mind changed our world. Her love changed his.” The main poster is a scene of them spinning each other around, which looks like it’s coming straight from a Nicholas Sparks movie. And that’s all well and good. Except if you know anything about Stephen Hawking’s personal life (which we do, thanks to the documentary A Brief History of Time), you know that he and his wife, Jane, divorced 20 years ago in 1995. Sooo, I wasn’t that excited about seeing a 2 hour plus love story about a marriage that ultimately failed.

Ironically, I don’t think The Theory of Everything managed the passing of time very well; if it wasn’t for Hawking’s declining health it would be hard to tell how much time had passed. To try and make up for it, the movie is packed with montages. Every time the movie needed to move along but also get information out, we got a montage. It also didn’t handle Hawking’s declining speech very well; eventually Hawking is so hard to understand that Jane has to become his interpreter. And that’s fine, until we get a scene that’s a conversation between just Stephen and Jane. Stephen says something unintelligible, and because she’s not interpreting, Jane just answers rather than repeats what he says. That makes sense in real life, but not really when you have viewers who can’t understand him at all. Subtitles were used in another scene where people were speaking French, so I know they’re capable of it!

Also, you might notice that picture above looks kind of weird. A little fuzzy, maybe. But that’s not just this picture. That’s the whole movie. The entire movie looks like it was shot from the perspective of someone with too much chlorine in their eyes.

Eddie Redmayne was good as Stephen Hawking, but I think it had a lot to do with the physical transformation he went through throughout the movie. Felicity Jones wasn’t bad, but her main characteristic was being an overwhelmed wife. We never really saw things from her perspective, which made her character kind of boring to me.

Watch A Brief History of Time instead.

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