One of the best moments? Or THE best moment?
One of the best moments? Or THE best moment?


Well, we didn’t get very far in our Oscar campaign this year. This was because of a few reasons, but the main one being that by the time the nominations came out, a good number of the movies were already out of theaters but not on DVD yet. So it’s a lot harder to pick up the slack when you have no way to do it. Out of the 60 unique films nominated, we only saw 10 this year. But this time we sort of went forwards instead of backwards; we usually start with smaller movies that maybe have a couple of nominations and save bigger ones for last. So this year we may have seen less, but I felt like I knew more about who I wanted to win this year than I have in a while.

Best Picture – Out of all the nominees, my favorites were Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman. I was secretly hoping for a Grand Budapest Hotel sweep, because seeing a Wes Anderson movie sweep the Oscars would sort of be a dream come true, but I’m really just as happy with Birdman.

Best Actor – Ehhhh. The Theory of Everything wasn’t good, but Eddie Redmayne was pretty good in it. At least better than Bradley Cooper. But was he better than Michael Keaton or Benedict Cumberbatch? I don’t think so.

Best Actress – The Best Actress category was chock full of stuff I didn’t want see. I never wanted to see The Theory of Everything. Wild looked amazing but I felt like watching a movie about a younger woman losing her mother would be too emotionally traumatic for me to be worth it. Still Alice also looked amazing, but it was kind of along the same lines as Wild in terms of sadness. Basically, I just knew I didn’t want Felicity Jones to win this. But when Julianne Moore won . . . well that was such a long time coming that it was really great. I personally would have liked to see her win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Big Lebowski, but maybe that’s just me.

Best Supporting Actor – I kind of figured this would happen. Whiplash was terrible but I do love J.K. Simmons, and the Oscars love it when actors yell a lot. But again, it’s J.K. Simmons, so I really can’t not be okay with him winning.

Best Supporting Actress – YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Our girl! Patricia Arquette! Patricia Arquette is a little special to us because we both love True Romance so much and her character in Boardwalk Empire is totally badass and amazing. She also looked hot as hell in True Romance and looked beautiful in Boyhood, without looking weird and plasticy. But, obviously, my favorite moment of probably the entire night was her amazing acceptance speech, which ended with a badass call for women’s equality that Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez lost their shit over. It was amazing.

Best Director – I have to say, I loved Birdman but I was disappointed that this didn’t go to Richard Linklater. Usually I hate it when the way a movie is filmed is valued over the movie itself, but I do think that Linklater deserved recognition for what he did with Boyhood.

Best Film Editing – Uh, yeah, same for this one. First of all, Whiplash won and Whiplash was only allowed a pass for J.K. Simmons winning. Second of all, can you imagine the editing that went into a movie filmed over 12 years? I guess I feel like if I edited Boyhood and fucking Whiplash won over me, I would quit.

Best Foreign Language Film – Perfect! The only one we saw won! Usually the opposite happens. So even though we didn’t watch the others, Ida was so good and such a good movie watching experience that I’m really happy it won. I personally think it also should have won cinematography, but that was never going to happen.

Best Makeup/Hair/Costume/Production Design – This wasn’t the Wes Anderson sweep I was hoping for, but Grand Budapest Hotel deserved these more than anything else.

Best Sound Mixing – I truly have 0 opinion on sound mixing, but I was pissed Whiplash won another.

Best Adapted Screenplay – I didn’t think this was really the strongest category. We didn’t see Inherent Vice, but I mostly just knew I didn’t want American Sniper, The Theory of Everything, or goddamn Whiplash to win. So I was happy with this one, and Graham Moore’s acceptance speech made me choke up a little.

Best Original Screenplay – Good call.


Another year and the Oscars have come and gone. Although it seems so much faster this year. We definitely came nowhere close to watching all the Oscar movies. I mean I don’t think we even came close to watching half. However, I did feel like I knew a little more of what was going on just because we watched more of the main pictures this year. We did miss Selma, which we really need to watch soon but I’m glad we watched what we did. I do really want to try to watch all the animated shorts and a few of the foreign films and documentaries.

Also, I thought the actual show was better than it has in the past. It was a lot less harsh of the audience which I liked. I do think the whole Oscar ballot in a glass box skit fell flat every time it was mentioned but I knew it had to be magic related considering the host, Neil Patrick Harris. And of course Harris was far better than someone like Seth MacFarlane. And of course I thought the worst moment of the night was Sean Penn’s green card joke(?).

I felt overall this year was not that great. I felt like the last two years had a lot more films I enjoyed watching, especially best pictures. Can’t wait for next year though!

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