This is definitely the bottom of the barrel in terms of horror movies. Nothing really makes sense and it’s in such a scary world to begin with, you just assume everyone is going to die no matter what. The biggest thing about this movie though is how it’s filmed. It constantly takes you out of the movie with its editing. It reminded me a lot of Saw in that way. When I first saw Saw I was so scared and nervous but once it started the editing of the film was so bizarre and didn’t fit that I was constantly reminded that I was just watching a movie. Feardotcom did that constantly and nothing about the film was actually scary. If anything it was just kind of gross at times.

The whole plot of the story was very confusing. It was difficult to tell what each person in this movie actually knew about the events occurring. Was the killer supernatural? Did he even know about all the dead girls haunting the police and other people? Why weren’t more people going to such a basic website? Why did people constantly say they wouldn’t use the site and in the very next scene go there? Why was the female lead able to find all the dead bodies in one try when the main cop never found anything?

This movie is bad and I was on the fence if that was a good thing or not. It reminded me of a Mandy Moore movie. There were a lot of people it but I’m not sure anyone was actually an actor.

Elizabeth (spoilers!)

I don’t think Feardotcom knew what it wanted to do. I think it knew it wanted to be a horror movie about the internet, since it was 2002. It also wanted to be about a serial killer and the tough cop who’s chased him for years. It doesn’t seem all that difficult to combine these two ideas into one movie that makes sense, but apparently it was.

Feardotcom follows Mike (Stephen Dorff), the aforementioned tough cop, and Terry (Natascha McElhone), a woman who works for the Department of Health (because apparently the DOH also doubles as the police department sometimes) who are working together to figure out a string of murders. All of the victims’ computers crashed before they died, which seems to be the only link. Mike suspects serial killer The Doctor (Stephen Rea), whom he’s apparently been chasing for years. But, as it turns out, it’s not The Doctor. Except, it sort of is? But not.

The killer of Feardotcom is the spirit of one of the victims that The Doctor tortured and killed. He apparently did this live online, and Feardotcom is a website (created by the ghost I guess?) that drives people crazy and causes them to die 48 hours after watching because it took The Doctor’s victim 48 hours to die. The Doctor had no idea this fake ghost website was going on. Mike and Terry manage to release the ghost from the website, which kills both The Doctor and Mike, the end.

So, we have a killer who kills people, but the real killer, for our purposes, was a ghost. That the killer didn’t even know existed. So that seems a bit too convoluted. But the best, most amazing part of Feardotcom is the actual URL everyone uses in the movie, which is feardotcom.com Feardotcom.com! They couldn’t make it just fear.com? Or because I assume that name was taken, just try something else that didn’t have “dotcom” in the URL? This ghost did not understand domain names very well.

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