Let me just give you these lines from the beginning of the Wikipedia plot summary of The Big Wedding:

In preparation for Alejandro [Ben Barnes]’s wedding, Ellie [Diane Keaton] arrives at Don [Robert De Niro]’s (and her old) home, and lets herself in. She interrupts Don just as he is about to perform cunnilingus on Bebe [Susan Sarandon], his girlfriend of eight years (and Ellie’s former best friend).

That’s what we’re working with here. The kind of movie that makes a joke about older people having sex, because older people are SO GROSS AM I RIGHT?!? But yeah, that’s the level The Big Wedding is on: jokes about (old, rich, white) people being uncomfortable around each other for various reasons.

There’s a bunch of people in this movie, and it doesn’t help whatsoever. In addition to the above, there’s also Katherine Heigl, Robin Williams, Amanda Seyfried, and Topher Grace to round out the cast. Robin Williams is barely in it as a priest, which is just really distracting. Ben Barnes, Katherine Heigl, and Topher Grace play siblings, except they have no chemistry and could never be in the same family. Amanda Seyfried plays the wide-eyed fiance, because that is all she ever plays. It’s also kind of amazing to me how Diane Keaton seems to play the exact same character in every movie in the last 20 years or so.

Look at these posters and try to honestly tell me that there is no way Diane Keaton is playing the same character every time:

I mean, for real.

Overall, there’s not much to say about The Big Wedding because there really isn’t much going on. But a few points:

  • Katherine Heigl is upset because she recently separated from her husband, because he “said terrible things” to her. She repeats this multiple times, including to the said husband when he shows up at the end. But it also turns out she’s pregnant, so that magically solves everything and they get back together, because that’s how that works. And we never find out what those terrible things were.
  • How disgustingly rich this family is was a huge turn-off to me. One of the first shots of the whole movie was of the humble family home: I’m not saying a family that lives in a house like that can’t have problems, but I can say I probably don’t care. And considering the wealth came from Robert De Niro being a sculptor, and they explain that with every piece he sold they added a room to the house, it makes the whole thing seem even more like a weird fantasy that I wouldn’t want any part of.
  • At one point, Susan Sarandon feels out of place in all the family stuff and basically removes herself from everything. So, the morning of their son’s wedding, Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton have sex loud enough for all of their awake family members to hear. BECAUSE THAT MAKES A WHOLE LOT OF FUCKING SENSE? Susan Sarandon finds out, but is totally okay with it. He apologizes for not including her and shit, but I kept waiting for her to say “Yeah okay but remember when you fucked your ex-wife THIS MORNING?” Didn’t happen, unfortunately.


Getting back to our old movie ways we came across The Big Wedding and I have to say, I don’t think it disappointed. When we first started watching this I was a little nervous it would be just a fine movie. Nothing really out of the ordinary. There are so many stars in this film you would of thought one of their agents had read the script, but luckily for us that was not the case. This movie is bad and there really isn’t anything about it that makes it different than any other romantic comedy about a son getting married.

There are so many plots going on in this movie and there are so many characters that you really never feel like you know anyone. Especially Susan Sarandon. She plays the stepmother of all three grown kids in the film. Diane Keaton is the mother. This film has a kind of Birdcage type plot where they pretend that the original parents are back together so that the kid who is getting married, who was adopted by Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro, can pretend to his biological mother that he wasn’t raised by people who were divorced. She is not American and very strict. Just the son trying to accommodate for a mother he knows nothing about while at the same time so much about. He was not raised by this woman but he apparently knows so much about how religious and uptight she is. It’s very confusing.

This movie makes you feel like the writer has never met any human in their life. All the characters feel very unrelated and again, communication is a big part of the issues in this film. An absolute terrible movie. I wouldn’t recommend this over other bad romantic comedies but I enjoyed watching this one. It can just be fun watching such a train wreck.

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