DON JON (2013)


Christopher (spoilers!)

I just wanted to see this since Joseph Gordon-Levitt directed it and Scarlett Johansson seemed to play a role I hadn’t seen her play before. I was surprised by how much I liked watching this movie. It’s weird though cause so much of the movie was very relatable where so much of it wasn’t. First off, of course porn is great. And of course I watch a fair amount of porn. But to say it’s better than actual sex is pretty crazy. Especially oral sex.

When this film started I was surprised what the movie was actually about. I have to say I didn’t really remember what the trailers showed and the fact that it was so based around sex/porn was surprising but nice. I really did think the whole story and idea was really interesting and held my attention all the way through.

The best part of the film to me was that Scarlet Johansson’s character just ended up being a terrible person. I think this is so great cause of course Jon had an addiction to porn but it was also just porn. When Scarlet Johansson first sees him masturbating she freaks the fuck out. I mean she like almost starts crying. That should of been the biggest sign that he should of just walked away but I guess there wouldn’t of been a movie had that happened.

If you’re interested totally check this out. I really enjoyed watching it.

Elizabeth (spoilers!)

I was surprised by Don Jon. I thought I had the whole movie figured out about a third of the way through, and then it started going in a different direction in a way that made sense and wasn’t distracting at all.

Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is basically a womanizer known for the amount of women he sleeps with. But what he holds dearest to his heart is porn; he loves it so much that he would rather watch porn and masturbate than have sex with a woman in real life. This is obviously alarming, but the movie does a great job of Jon explaining how he feels in a way that you actually understand him, even though when you really think about it it doesn’t make any sense. Then Jon meets Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) who finally seems to be exactly what he’s looking for. And to the audience, she also seems to be exactly what he’s looking for. She’s a good foil to him (and has a crazy New Jersey accent that is both insanely irritating and interesting because she still sounds like Scarlett Johansson). So I figured, Barbara was going to make Jon realize that real sex is better, he doesn’t need porn, etc. But being with Barbara doesn’t change Jon’s relationship with porn at all. Even though they seem to have an amazing sex life, he still thinks the porn is better. Barbara finds out and he promises what she saw him looking at was a joke, and she buys it until months later she sees his impressive internet history.

While all of this is happening, Jon is getting unwillingly and casually involved with Esther (Julianne Moore), a college classmate. At first I sort of hated Esther’s character. I thought she didn’t fit, seemed annoying, and I didn’t like that she was obviously the “better” woman over Barbara because she was more mature and kind of a hippy. But at a certain point in the movie, all at once Jon and Esther seem like a good match. And long after Barbara dumps him, he realizes after sleeping with Esther that his problem has always been that he’s never been with someone he could “lose” himself with. But with Esther he’s suddenly making love instead of fucking, and realizes that that’s what he needs, not someone like Barbara or constant porn.

I think what I liked the most is how Barbara and Jon’s relationship at first seems perfect. They’re such a good fit and make a gorgeous couple. But the longer the relationship goes and the more subtlely demanding Barbara is and the more Jon has to hide parts of his personality you realize that this is not just a not good relationship, it’s a destructive one. I still can’t really think of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as sexy, which was kind of a roadblock for this particular movie, but considering it was also his directorial debut I thought Jon Don was pretty solid.

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