STEP UP (2006)



Knowing that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are married and met on the set of Step Up, I couldn’t help but hope that they have at least one scene playing on loop in their house at all times. And I was sort of thinking about that the whole time, because as expected Step Up is not that good and also insanely predictable.

So here are the basic qualities of Step Up: Jenna Dewan plays Nora, who is a rich and classically trained dancer. Channing Tatum plays Tyler, who is poor and not classically trained but still a really good dancer. Because Tyler is a hoodlum, he and his friends break into Nora’s school and trash the set of a school play . . . just because? So naturally Tyler has to pay the school back by working there, where he meets Nora, who discovers that he’s a better partner for her than anyone else at the school (if only for the fact that he’s way bigger), so they become dance partners for some final show, and they fall in love. It was sort of insane to me how closely Step Up followed Dirty Dancing; if you take out the school element and some of the extra characters in Step Up, it’s nearly the same movie as Dirty Dancing.

Probably the biggest thing I took away from it was how sad Miles Darby (played by someone billed only as Mario though was sadly not the video game character) was because no one really wanted to work with him. Except he’s a young guy in New York making rap beats, so he is clearly the most apt for success out of anyone at this art school they go to. I just thought it was so funny that everyone is obsessing over dance and not really paying attention to this guy making beats, when flash forward to 2015 and beat making is clearly the more profitable and sought-after career choice.

I wouldn’t say don’t watch Step Up. It’s sort of funny to see Channing Tatum be awkward and not hold himself as well in front of the camera. But certainly don’t expect to see much more than Dirty Dancing 2.0.


In my mind this whole movie was going to be predictable and it was even more than I would of ever thought. Elizabeth and I were able to say exact lines before people ever even said them. I wasn’t expecting a lot with this movie but I was surprised how no one seemed to try both in front of and behind the camera. The dancing wasn’t even very interesting.

However, this movie was bad in a way that made it fun to watch. Also, it’s interesting how Channing Tatum met his wife during this film.

I’m totally down to watch the other films in this series. I can only imagine it gets worse.


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