Le Samouraï is all about just being cool. It’s great! I first saw this film back in high school; I really have no idea what turned me on to it other than it being a Criterion. However, I was super into it and watching it again brings back all the reasons why.

This movie is extremely low in dialogue. But it makes up for that in the sounds of the main character’s environment. It reminds me of Cure in that way. Also, every shot is very clean and crisp looking. This world within the film is very sparse and the scenes reflect this. This film also has elements of a Jim Jarmusch film. You get the sense that everything in each shot is important and there for a reason. That amount of detail gets me pretty excited when watching a film.

I think this is an excellent movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It does a great job of hooking you and having you interested in what’s to come. Also Alain Delon is pretty fucking awesome and he pulls off the contract killer just trying to do the right thing off with ease.

Elizabeth (spoilers!)

When I think of cool guys in movies, I never think of James Bond but I always think of Jef Costello (Alain Delon) of Le Samouraï. Because he is sooooooo coooooooooooooooooool.

First of all, you have Alain Delon at the tip top of his most-attractive-guy-on-the-planet game. Seeing Le Samouraï in high school was the first time I had even heard of Alain Delon, so when he first came on screen I nearly died. I couldn’t believe how insanely handsome he was and how insanely good he looked in his spy/assassin/cool guy clothes.

So Jef is a contract killer, but one who is not particularly violent (if that makes sense) and one who is very quiet and smart (but somehow not creepy?). Everything starts when he’s IDed by witnesses in a murder he committed. Slowly everything he’s built up and all of his careful planning falls apart until he essentially has no real motivation to live and allows himself to be killed in public.

The plot isn’t that complicated. And there’s not much dialogue. A lot of the movie is just following Jef, watching his movements, watching how he interacts. I think one of my favorite elements about the movie is how exhausted Jef always looks; he’s cool and on top of things, but only because he never seems to rest or relax for one second. By the time he dies, it sort of feels like it’s time for him.

But oh my god. Watch this movie. It is so fucking cool and Alain Delon is such a badass.

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