Elizabeth (spoilers!)

I liked how Friday the 13th Part 2 began, with checking on Alice, the sole survivor of the first movie. For some reason, Alice is living alone in a giant house, though she’s still plagued by nightmares. Then suddenly she finds Pamela Voorhees’ (Jason’s mother) decapitated head (Alice’s own handiwork from the first movie) in her refrigerator and then is killed with an ice pick to the head.

After that, it’s mostly the same set up as before. It’s five years later and teenagers are gathering at a camp on the other side of the lake from Jason’s camp. Again, the teenagers are picked off one by one without anyone really knowing what’s going on. Just like the first movie, it doesn’t really get interesting until the end.

This time our heroine, Ginny (Amy Steel), is a student of child psychology. She starts to look at the whole situation differently before she even realizes anyone is dead. She assumes Jason didn’t drown, is still alive, and is permanently feral and fucked up after seeing his mother decapitated. Those are a lot of assumptions, especially about someone who at this point is just an urban legend, but end up being fairly on point. When Ginny is finally confronted by the killer, she runs into the woods and finds a makeshift cabin which holds the dead bodies of Ginny’s friends along with Pamela Voorhees’ decomposing head sitting on an altar. Correctly assuming that the killer (who is wearing a burlap sack over his head) is Jason, Ginny puts on Pamela’s sweater and tries to use psychology to defeat him, which doesn’t work.

At the end of the first movie, after everyone else is dead, Alice is found by police floating in a rowboat in the middle of the lake. When she wakes up, she’s pulled under water by what looks like a decomposing child come to life. She then wakes up (again) at the hospital to learn that everyone’s dead but that no one saw a boy. So at the end of this movie, after Ginny thinks she’s killed Jason, she and her boyfriend are attacked in a cabin by Jason bursting through a window and trying to pull Ginny through it. Then suddenly Ginny wakes up on a stretcher, her boyfriend may or may not be dead, and we have no idea what happened to Jason.

So except for Ginny taking a psychological route, which doesn’t work, Friday the 13th Part 2 follows nearly the exact path of Friday the 13th, including the lack of fear from no one realizing anyone else is dead. So that was disappointing.

Also, I know it was a different time, a full 34 years ago, but what the fuck was with some of these costume choices? No bras (as usual), and every woman at some point seemed to wear ridiculously short shorts and/or ridiculously cropped shirts.





Looks comfortable.


I liked this one a lot more than Friday the 13th. It was far more intense and kind of actually had a plot worth following. It ‘s more of a, these campers are intruding on Jason and he needs to defend his home. People still die pretty fast but a lot more people live in this one.
The one disappointing part was that the end was kind of the same as the first one. I love everything that had to do with Jason’s hobo house in the woods but all the dream-like sequences after were not what I was really hoping for.
I would almost recommend just starting with this film in the series because it does a good job of telling everything that happened in the first film.
I’m anxious to watch the third one, I think he gets his mask in that one!

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