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I completely missed seeing this movie until now. So, unfortunately, I did know how this movie ended. However, I wasn’t quite sure how the movie unfolded to get there. Even though I knew how it ended I really enjoyed watching the film.

It’s strange to think about ‘cause when this came out and I was younger, M. Night Shyamalan was this great, best of the best director in my mind. Granted it was a time when I didn’t know a lot about movies but in my mind it was just a fact that he was great. When I think of him now though it makes me think of sitting in the theater when they started playing trailers for that movie Devil that came out a while ago and the whole theater would start booing when his name came up as a writer. There used to be a lot of these videos on Youtube. And for good reason! The Sixth Sense and some of his others are good but he became a terrible writer/director.

Anyway, back to The Sixth Sense. Everything about this movie works to me. It does a great job of being emotional. You know the kid is nice, he just has this horribly fucked up thing he has to deal with. Bruce Willis is an accomplished and nice therapist that you want to see help the boy. And it’s really not a horror movie. It just has to deal with dead people.

I’m glad I finally saw this movie but I wish I had seen it when it came out. I know it would of scared the shit out of me but at least the end would have been a surprise. If you are completely out of the loop like me and never saw this, please do!

Elizabeth (spoilers!)

I found out a long time ago that Chris had never seen The Sixth Sense and I had been trying to get him to watch it pretty much ever since. And finally we did it!

I didn’t see The Sixth Sense in theaters, but I watched it the weekend it came out on video at my friend’s house. I didn’t know the ending at that point and when I watched it I had really never seen anything like it. It was scary, but not in a way that truly scared me. It was sad and beautiful and I couldn’t believe Malcom (Bruce Willis) was for real, totally, completely dead the whole time. I thought it was a complete work of genius.

It’s been sixteen years and an M. Night Shyamalan movie obviously doesn’t mean now what it meant then. I was a supporter of M. Night Shyamalan for many years beyond everyone around me. I truly loved Lady in the Water and I thought The Village was scary and creepy. I hung on. Then I saw The Happening and I couldn’t deny that it was bad. It’s been kind of downhill from there (though I truly do still have faith that he will be great again). But even now, I don’t really disagree with my original thoughts on The Sixth Sense. I imagine this movie will end up being like Psycho; everyone knows what happens, but it’s still a classic that ends up being scary and creepy. Just like knowing that Marion Crane gets murdered by Norman Bates in the shower doesn’t make Psycho less scary or powerful, knowing that Malcom is dead the whole time really doesn’t take away from The Sixth Sense also being scary and powerful.

Because I first saw this movie when I was around 11, I obviously saw everything more from Cole (Haley Joel Osment)’s eyes. I wasn’t unfamiliar with being made fun of and I hated every kid in this movie because they were so terrible to Cole, who was so tortured. Watching it now, I still hate those kids but I paid more attention to the adults. For example, in the scene where Cole basically breaks down his teacher by making fun of him for stuttering, the first time I watched it I just felt sad for Cole, knowing he was only saying those things because some ghosts told him to. But watching it now all I could think of is someone really needs to fire that fucking teacher. So a tiny kid made fun of your stutter. Okay. You’re an elementary school teacher and an adult, so reacting by banging your fist on the kid’s desk and yelling in his face is probably not the best way to deal with it, especially when you know the kid has issues. I also paid a lot more attention to Lynn (Toni Collette), Cole’s mom. I honestly didn’t remember her being in it much, so I thought her character was so interesting to watch. She’s so tragic, tries so hard, and her total undying love and support for Cole is both heartbreaking, heartwarming, and exhausting to watch.

So watching The Sixth Sense as an adult, and knowing the ending, I found it to be much more sad than scary. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

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