The first Brady movie was fun and surprising to me but I think the sequel is a better movie.

The first movie deals so much with the Bradys being this strange family out of time but in the sequel that’s not really the focus. It’s more about the family, their house, and a lot of characteristics that make them the Brady Bunch. For example a lot of the story is based around this very valuable horse they have in their living room, a prop that was in the original show. I find this plot point very compelling because it rewards people who loved the original show. The horse in the old episodes is just a decoration in the background. The idea that the whole time they were in possession of something extremely valuable is kind of exciting.

This movie is really funny and had me laughing quite a bit. It’s so strange to me that I thought this was part of the original show but I think the reimagined idea of the Brady Bunch was spot on and worth remaking. Had these films just been trying to recreate the original set in the same time period just with different actors, I think it would have been difficult to get through ten minutes of the film.

Watch this movie for suuuuuuure!


To be honest, we watched The Brady Bunch Movie mostly so we could watch A Very Brady Sequel. You don’t have to watch the first one to enjoy or understand the second one, but I figured we should go for both anyway, even though A Very Brady Sequel is definitely my favorite.

The Brady Bunch Movie is great because it takes the Bradys and puts them in the 1995. A Very Brady Sequel is great because it takes all that basic Brady stuff and turns it on its head. The main conflict of the movie is that Carol’s long-dead husband suddenly shows up at their house. We know right away that Roy (Tim Matheson) is not Carol’s husband, but rather a friend of his. And we know that the horse statue that has always been at the bottom of the Brady stairs was sent to Carol by her real husband, who was apparently an archeologist, and Roy is back to get it because it’s worth about $20 million.

Because the Bradys are the Bradys, they never really suspect anything when Roy first shows up. Carol’s daughters immediately begin referring to Roy as “daddy,” despite looking nothing or sounding nothing like their biological father (Roy explained that away with surgery) and Greg’s sons immediately start looking up to Roy as a cool guy. Roy’s annoyance with the Bradys is thinly veiled, like his disgust with Alice’s cooking (which in one scene consists of what appears to be ground meat mixed with lard and spread on white bread). This leads to my favorite scene, and one that I never understood until much later in life: Alice finds a bag of mushrooms in Roy’s bag, so that night instead of serving him meatloaf with the rest of the Bradys, she makes spaghetti with the mushrooms. Except they’re magic mushrooms, and Alice put all of them in the pasta, and then Roy realizes he’s “tripping with the Bradys,” and the scene goes into an animated tripping sequence.


The Bradys chalk this up to Alice’s cooking making him sick somehow, so when I first saw this movie, I thought that, too. In fact, I think the very first time I learned of magic mushrooms existing it immediately hit me what that scene was actually about.

Another Brady element that the movie turns on its head is the relationship between Marcia and Greg. With Roy’s presence, the “step” part of their siblings somehow seems more prominent, and they start to look at each other not as brother and sister, but as sexy teenagers. They begin sharing a room and sneak glances of each other changing, Greg accidentally hits on Marcia from behind (heh heh), and eventually they kiss. It’s a pretty hilarious subplot that also leads Marcia and Greg to go on a double-date, where Marcia and Greg flirt with each other and Marcia talks at length about all of the ways she can style her hair, freaking their dates out enough to leave them for each other.

I think these movies are underrated and still totally hold up, especially if you’re at all familiar with The Brady Bunch TV show. Either way, these movies are awesome.


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