CATFISH (2010)



I definitely thought this move was fake when it came out so I never saw it. I also found out the ending petty quick so it added to not caring about this movie but Elizabeth somehow still didn’t have the end ruined for her so she wanted to check it off our list before it was. I’m glad we watched it because it was far more interesting than I thought. I kind of figured the movie would be over once you actually saw the people on the other side but the fact that the movie kind of turned into a movie just about them rather than the fake relationship, I was hooked.

I think this movie was great and worth watching especially if you don’t know the full story.

Elizabeth (spoilers!)

I had been wanting to see Catfish for a really long time, mostly because I thought it was a movie that had a giant twist at the end and I was afraid it would be spoiled for me before I could see it. I was sort of right . . . there is a twist, but it was one I already knew about. So it wasn’t 100% the movie I was expecting, but it was still fun to watch.

The documentary follows Nev Schulman, who becomes Facebook friends with an 8 year old painting prodigy, Abby, whom had sent Nev a painting of one of his photographs. Nev becomes Facebook friends with Abby’s family, too, including her mother, Angela, her father, Vince, and older sister, Megan. Then Nev and Megan form an online relationship, which turns romantic pretty quickly. When Nev discovers that some songs Megan sent him, as originals, were actually ripped off from other people’s Youtube accounts, the filmmakers go to Megan and her family’s homes in Michigan to confront them and/or meet the real people in person.

As you probably know or would expect, Nev discovers everything to be a lie. First Megan texts him and says she’s in rehab, then Nev confronts Angela and she tells him that Megan really is in rehab but has been for a long time and it was Angela Nev was talking to the whole time. Later, Nev finds out Megan doesn’t exist and the photos Angela used were of a family friend. Even later, Nev finds out that the pictures weren’t of a family friend, but of a random model that Angela found online. The paintings weren’t done by Abby, but by Angela. And Angela’s life is much sadder than even Nev could have anticipated: she essentially gave up her possible painting career and most of her life to marry Vince, who had severely disabled twin sons from another marriage that needed 24/7 care. She’s quiet and obviously sad and at least a little bit delusional.

You leave this movie feeling kind of bad for everyone: Nev, for being lied to about everything; Vince, for not knowing any of this was going on (plus he thought Nev was buying Angela’s paintings); the model whose pictures were stolen to be Megan; Abby for having a mother that lies and tells people her daughter is a child prodigy when she’s not; and of course Angela, whose life just seems so sad and empty that she had to resort to lying and making up fake identities. Even though everything she did seems super crazy, in a way you can kind of understand it all when you know just how sad her life is.


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