THE BROOD (1979)



I really wanted to see this cause I thought it sounded crazy and it was a David Cronenberg movie I had never heard of. It was an interesting story but I feel like it did a poor job of explaining a few things. However, in all I thought the story was interesting and creepy.

It has to do with an evil therapist that is abusing his patients all while these evil children creatures attack people around the city. I thought the scenes were all fairly intense. I think it was a bit boring in the beginning but once the first demon child shows up I think the story really takes off. In the end, it kind of explained it, kind of left it up to you to figure out, which is a little disappointing. I would of liked a little more of an explanation but I would absolutely recommend this to someone that enjoys horror movies.


The Brood was good, but it could have been better. A lot of crazy things happen in this movie without a ton of explanation. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but I don’t think it worked well here.

The whole premise is based around this idea that in this world, mental disturbances can be gotten rid of by causing them to manifest through the person’s body in the form of various marks and conditions. One man is dying of lymphoma, which he only has because of this specific treatment. By the end of The Brood, that’s fairly clear that that is what was going on the entire time. But the whole time I was watching it, I was following along but still unsure of the backstory. What are these things caused by? Why does this treatment do that? What is all of this exactly?

The movie managed to be effective despite that, since also at the core of the movie is a man fighting for the custody of, then the safety of, then the life of his little girl (who is continually traumatized throughout the movie – it’s pretty sad, really). It’s also, in a way, about how destructive families, particularly parents, can be. The little demon children in this reminded me of the goblin thing in Don’t Look Now, so that was definitely scary. Also, don’t watch this movie while eating, pregnant, or if you may become pregnant – but I think that goes for every Cronenberg movie.


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