THE PACT (2012)


Elizabeth (spoilers!)

The Pact wasn’t perfect, but it was really good.

It starts off following Nicole, who is trying to convince her sister, Annie (Caity Lotz) to come home for their mother’s funeral, which Annie does not want to do because of the extensive abuse their mother inflicted on them. Nicole talks to their cousin, Liz, who is watching over Nicole’s daughter, Eva, just before seeing an open door in the house and walking into a dark room.

So Annie does come back once she finds out Nicole is missing. Staying in their mother’s house, she finds a picture of her pregnant mother with another pregnant woman in a floral dress. After the funeral, Annie sleeps and dreams of a man crying and when she wakes up, Liz is gone. A force starts practically throwing Annie around the house, making it nearly impossible for her to escape. Annie goes to the police, who don’t believe her, and a mysterious Google maps address shows up on her phone; when she views the location she sees a blurry photo of a woman in a floral dress. Annie and a cop, Bill (Casper Van Dien) go back to her mother’s house where they find a secret room that Annie has never seen before, complete with a bed. Annie then gets a friend from high school, Stevie, who is now a nearly comatose psychic to come into the house and see if she can help. Stevie starts crying and apologizing when she sees the hall closet (which is what Nicole had walked into); when Annie asks why she’s apologizing Stevie tells her she can see the abuse that Annie and Nicole took from their mother while in the closet. In the secret room, Stevie goes into a seizure-like fit where she starts screaming Judas, and they see what appears to be a corpse of a woman in a floral dress floating above them.

Stevie’s brother takes her out of the house, so Annie starts Googling Judas (at first I was afraid she literally had no idea what Judas represented, which was alarming) and finds out that that was the name given to a never-caught serial killer who decapitated a woman in a floral dress named Jennifer Glick. Then Annie finds out her mother was in a church group (or some kind of club, I forget) with Jennifer Glick, and also in the group was Annie’s mother’s brother, whom she didn’t know existed. Bill goes back to the house without Annie to investigate but is murdered by someone we can’t see. Annie then goes back to the house and essentially draws a ouija board on the floor, which Jennifer Glick uses to tell Annie that yes, Judas murdered her and Judas is also Annie’s uncle. So that’s all crazy, but then it gets crazy.

Right around the time that the ghost of Jennifer tells Annie everything, Annie sees Judas climbing out of a hole in the floor of the hidden room. He opens a small hatch in the wall and crawls out, wandering openly around the house and then going to a bedroom and crying, like in Annie’s dream. Annie flips out and tries to hide and finds the bodies of Nicole and Bill in Judas’ hole in the floor. She steals Bill’s gun but is obviously so terrified and then caught off guard when Judas finds her, he has no real problem knocking her unconscious, causing her to wake up later, tied up in that torture closet. Judas comes to kill her, but she manages to escape (he tied her hair around some kind of pipe, which she desperately chops off with Judas’ knife to escape, which was both sad and painful to watch) and stabs him with a hanger. Jennifer’s ghost pulls Annie out of Judas’ way and toward the gun she dropped, which she quickly uses to kill him.

Here’s what I loved about it: it had some supernatural/ghost-y elements, but the main scary thing was real (it reminded me of The Changeling in that way); Annie was smart and strong; Stevie’s character was really interesting and weird; all the weird family stuff. What I didn’t like was how we never really found out anything as to why these things happened. I get that Judas is a serial killer and there’s no real “why” to that. But what was the pact exactly? I assume it was between Annie’s mother and Judas, but what was it really? Did Judas have anything to do with the abuse and was he living in the house the whole time they were? Mostly I just thought this set up was really smart and interesting so it made me want to know more. But I also know what’s a fine line, especially in horror movies, of what to show and tell and not. I was a little disappointed when the movie ended because I really was so interested in finding out all the details, but overall that doesn’t keep the movie from being successful.


This movie was far better than I was expecting and I think it’s the best horror movie I’ve seen in a while. I think it did a good job of being realistic and scary at the same time. I feel like so many horror movies have a lot of faith that the audience won’t question too much but I felt like The Pact did a good job of paying attention to details. It did a great job of letting us know what we need to know at the right time.

I did think that there could of been a bit more to the back story of the whole situation but I really didn’t care that I didn’t get that. I liked seeing the sister solve this problem. I’m sure what would of come after would of been interesting but I’m glad we got to see the main event.

Watch this if you haven’t!




I expected this movie to be boring so I pushed off watching it for a while. Every time Elizabeth brought it up I would try to suggest something else. This time when she recommended it I felt like I was ready for some reason. It was great. Why did I push it off for so long? Anyway I’m glad I finally saw this film because it’s a great documentary. I also find it interesting that part of it takes place in San Antonio. The other part of this movie takes place in Spain. Most people, like the ones in this movie would not associate the two together. My grandmother is Hispanic, from San Antonio, and very into the Spanish roots of her heritage. The Imposter had so many elements that were already familiar to me. Because of this I found all the characters to be very compelling. I wanted the family to find their lost child and I wanted the guy who was pretending to be the lost kid to just get caught. BUT THEN the movie throws you a curve ball and it has you thinking about all other types of scenarios.

I think this movie was well-shot and intelligent. It helped you understand a very complicated situation.


I have a lot to say about The Imposter, but the more I think about it I think it’s a movie that’s better left without much details given. But I really thought this documentary was incredible. The situation, the people, how everything played out is just so crazy and weird and sad. You really should see this.