I expected this movie to be boring so I pushed off watching it for a while. Every time Elizabeth brought it up I would try to suggest something else. This time when she recommended it I felt like I was ready for some reason. It was great. Why did I push it off for so long? Anyway I’m glad I finally saw this film because it’s a great documentary. I also find it interesting that part of it takes place in San Antonio. The other part of this movie takes place in Spain. Most people, like the ones in this movie would not associate the two together. My grandmother is Hispanic, from San Antonio, and very into the Spanish roots of her heritage. The Imposter had so many elements that were already familiar to me. Because of this I found all the characters to be very compelling. I wanted the family to find their lost child and I wanted the guy who was pretending to be the lost kid to just get caught. BUT THEN the movie throws you a curve ball and it has you thinking about all other types of scenarios.

I think this movie was well-shot and intelligent. It helped you understand a very complicated situation.


I have a lot to say about The Imposter, but the more I think about it I think it’s a movie that’s better left without much details given. But I really thought this documentary was incredible. The situation, the people, how everything played out is just so crazy and weird and sad. You really should see this.


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