Elizabeth (spoilers!)

Before we watched Resolution, I did some searches for recent horror/thriller movies with good and original concepts. Resolution kept coming up, and with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (albeit out of only like 9 reviews or something) I thought I had really found a winner. WRONG.

Resolution has a whole lot going for it, which makes its ultimate failure all the more frustrating. Michael (Peter Cilella) goes to see his best friend, Chris (Vinny Curran), a drug addict who is essentially just living in a cabin and doing nothing but smoking crack and shooting guns. Michael wants to take Chris to rehab, so for some reason his plan is to handcuff Chris to the wall and wait a week while he goes through withdrawal and then take him to rehab. So, stop right there. Michael is not a doctor or a nurse or have any kind of experience or training in anything that he’s trying to do. I know Chris is his best friend but . . . wouldn’t that be all the more reason to have the situation handled by a professional? Michael didn’t even take into consideration what he was going to do for Chris to use the bathroom, forcing Chris to use a bucket.

Anyway, a bunch of stuff happens. Michael and Chris are threatened by neighborhood drug dealers and Michael finds out Chris is squatting in a house owned by Charles, which is also on a Native American reservation. Creepy stuff starts happening, Michael starts finding things around the cabin that seem like clues to something. Michael thinks the area is haunted, but he talks to another guy in the area who used to do research with other French students who tells Michael he doesn’t think the area is haunted, but the area needs a story. A good story with a beginning, middle, and end.

More clues and crazy shit pop up, including what appears to be a video of Michael and Chris being murdered by the drug dealers. They later find a recording that sounds like them being murdered by Charles. Obviously, Chris wants to leave, but Michael thinks it’s a curse and doesn’t want to bring it home. Instead, they leave the house and from afar watch as the drug dealers break in and are then murdered by Charles.

Obviously I’m skipping over a lot of details here. Because they don’t really matter. At this point, I thought the movie was genuinely creepy and suspenseful. But then, the camera rises over above Michael and Chris, who look into the camera as they’re put in the giant shadow of something. Chris starts crying and apologizing and Michael says “Can we try it another way?” THE END!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. So this feels really similar to The Babadook to me. Because during the entire movie, there’s some kind of entity creeping around that the characters can’t see or even acknowledge. Until the last 5 seconds? When they suddenly see the thing (and we don’t get to) and know exactly what it is? What? It felt like an ending that the filmmakers themselves didn’t understood, which is one of the worst kind of movie endings. This just felt like a huge waste of time and a big disappointment.


I really enjoyed this movie until the very end where it didn’t have an ending. I’m tired of watching terrible horror movies that don’t wrap up anything.