I don’t remember a lot about this movie since we watched it so long ago. But running from an abusive relationship is always stressful and scary. And this is a far better version than Safe Haven. At least there are no ghosts in this one!

Elizabeth (spoilers!)

So, first of all, even though I only saw this movie recently, for a long time I assumed it was super scary. Because for whatever reason, the poster was terrifying to me:


Because doesn’t it, in a way, if you look at it right, look like a creepy alien is about to come through the door and attack her in the bathtub? I mean, in hindsight yes that is clearly the figure of a man, or at least a person, in the doorway. But I truly think I somehow got this poster mixed up with parts of Alien I had seen. No idea what that was about.

But anyway, I thought Sleeping with the Enemy was pretty good for being a pretty simple, sometimes cheesy, thriller. It immediately reminded us of Safe Haven, which we watched earlier this year and is terrible, but luckily Sleeping with the Enemy is better (no ghosts). Julia Roberts plays Laura, a woman on the run after she fakes her death to get away from her psycho abusive husband. She moves across the country but he finds out she’s alive after finding her wedding ring in the toilet, which she tried to flush. Flush your wedding ring? Dumb move, Laura, because obviously it’s not going to flush and wouldn’t you rather pawn that? Anyway, the final confrontation between Laura and her husband was probably my favorite part of the whole movie. Martin, the husband, has knocked out Ben, Laura’s new boyfriend, and Laura has Martin at gunpoint. Keeping the gun on him, she calls the cops. I expected her say that there was a man in her house or her husband was trying to kill her or something. But instead she said “I’ve just killed an intruder,” and then shoots Martin three times. Daaaaaaaaaayyyyuuuuuummmm!! Of course he’s not really dead and comes back for a second to try and kill her again, but then he’s dead for real after that doesn’t work.

So I mean, is Sleeping with the Enemy amazing and groundbreaking? No, but it has good parts and tells a decent story. And it’s alien-free!