BOUND (1996)



I forget when I first saw Bound, but I’m guessing it was probably in high school. But I definitely remember when I first heard of Bound, which was when it was nominated for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. The kiss was between Violet (Jennifer Tilly) and Corky (Gina Gershon), and given the nature of the kiss I had never seen anything like it. There was just something about two women kissing when I was 10 years old that just totally blew  my mind and I really wanted to see it.

But, I kind of forgot about it. Bound isn’t a movie that you hear about all the time, and when it came out, The Matrix was still in the heads of the Wachowski brothers, who directed both, so it wasn’t as big of a movie as one might expect. When I finally did get around to seeing it, I expected it to be mostly sex with some plot thrown in. But it was actually much more than that, and actually pretty good. Violet is living with Caesar (Joe Pantoliano), a money launderer for the mob. Corky is hired to do work on the apartment next door to their’s, and not long after they meet, Violet and Corky sleep together. Caesar is pretty violent and awful, so Violet comes up with a plan to run away with Corky – they will steal $2 million that Caesar recovered from someone else who stole it from the mob.

The plot gets more complicated as the movie goes along, but is never hard to follow. At first, Corky is suspicious of Violet, which isn’t that surprising since Violet claims to be a lesbian while also being in a heterosexual relationship with not just anyone, but someone working for the mob. But it becomes clear that Violet is genuine and that she really is trapped in this shitty relationship with a pretty evil guy. It quickly becomes Violet and Corky vs. Caesar and the mob, and it gets really stressful, but good.

Bound is a movie you should never watch with anyone you don’t want to see a sex scene with, but other than that it’s definitely worth seeing.


I had never heard of this movie and it wasn’t till after we watched it that I even knew it was a Wachowski movie. I really enjoyed watching this. It was scary and stressful and had strong female leads. It was refreshing seeing a gay relationship as the main story between two women. Especially since this came out so long ago. I really wish I had seen it before now but I’m so glad Elizabeth recommended it. If you haven’t seen this, or even heard of it like me, I definitely suggest checking it out. Especially if you like the Wachowskis.