Christopher (spoilers!)

I really thought I had heard this movie was good but it was clear from the beginning that I must have been thinking of a different film. This movie was a giant mess. The story was overly complicated. Not really confusing, just complicated, and really didn’t work the way I think the original idea of this movie must of looked.

The most distracting part of this film is Daniel Craig. I believe in this film he’s supposed to be an American, but he rarely has any kind of American accent in this movie. I’m always curious about stuff like this because if Daniel Craig cannot do an American accent, why make him American? In this film he plays a father, family man, neighbor. There is nothing in the story that requires him to be from the states. I feel like it would have been a far better choice to just have him British and have the back story be that he met the wife overseas in college or something. This movie was so terrible this is really the only thing I have to talk about it.


But also, this did exactly what Non-Stop did and had a bad guy show up within the first few minutes without the protagonist knowing. Movies need to get over this fad; it’s way too easy to spot.

Elizabeth (spoilers)

OH GOOD! Another movie where everyone turns out to be ghosts and we saw the killer in the beginning!! GLAD THIS WASN’T A WASTE OF TIME AT ALL!!!

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