When I think of a movie about adultery, the first thing that comes to mind is Fatal Attraction. Fatal Attraction has all the elements of a movie about adultery: the establishment of the marriage, meeting the woman, the affair, the horrible aftermath. So when presented with a movie like Redeemed, which is about a man who has an affair with a woman, would essentially have all of that, too, even being under the pretense of it being a Christian movie. But oh terrible Christian movies, you strike again!

Ted McGinley plays Paul, a terrible person. I say he’s a terrible person because he owns a failing business and pretty much refuses to do anything about it and ignores his (admittedly fucked up looking) wife. He meets Julia (Ana Ayora), some kind of consultant or something for a company that wants to buy Paul’s company. Julia is beautiful and foreign. She’s a little flirty with Paul, but nothing over the line. We hear her tell her boss that Paul is vulnerable, which may or may not indicate that she is going to use Paul’s attraction to her against him.

Well, let me spoil it for you: it does not indicate that. In fact, it turns out that Julia really is only interested in Paul’s company (because it’s her job to be interested), not Paul at all, and especially not in any romantic way. Instead, Paul literally hallucinates about Julia flirting with him, coming on to him, etc etc.

But they never have an affair. Let me repeat: a movie about this Christian dude being unfaithful to his wife in order to be REDEEMED afterwards never has an affair. So what else is there to really say about this movie, then? A Christian movie about adultery that never has adultery (or God – God never shows up! so that’s doubly misleading!) just ends up being a super boring Christian movie.  Luckily Paul overcomes this nonexistent obstacle and everything works out, because that tends to happen to the white Christian men in these movies. Go figure.


The strangest part about these religious movies is how unlikeable the main characters generally are. Redeemed is no exception. Actually it might be the worst. The main character has zero redeeming qualities so when he decides to try to change, who really gives a fuck.

This movie was a lot of fun to watch though. It was definitely a film that had something wrong or strange in every single scene.