BRING IT ON (2000)



I didn’t think I had seen this movie but at the very end, right before the credits, the cast dances to “Hey Mickey,” the Toni Basil song. It looked so familiar I must of watched it at some point in my childhood/growing up with a younger sister. Watching it now, it was pretty much what I expected.

It was wild when the film first starts because all the dialogue is just thrown at you. Every single line feels like a line in a movie. Or really, a stage play. It’s line, line, line, line, line. People are practically talking over each other. As the movie progressed it changed but the first twenty minutes feels like watching deleted scenes from Gilmore Girls. No real story but a ton of talking.

Once the story picked up it was pretty enjoyable. There were some good jokes and I definitely wanted Kristen Dunst to hook up with the love interest. What I never got over were the cheers. Were all those cheers made for the movie? The routine that they stole, hasn’t that been around forever? Or was it made just for this movie? Because those were totally cheers my younger sister did when she played softball.

I’m glad I watched this movie but I know I’ll totally forget about it not far from now. Also, I like seeing Eliza Dushku!


Bring It On is kind of weird. I was 12 when it first came out, and I loved it but it also made me nervous. Life for the cheerleaders in Bring It On seems tough, but then realizing that you’re not even a teenager yet and that when you do become one, you will not be a blonde, clear-skinned twig, it seems a lot rougher. But luckily, Bring It On has enough goofiness to prove that it really doesn’t want you to take it that seriously.

Probably the best things about re-watching Bring It On were seeing Jesse Bradford and Ian Roberts. Now, I really don’t care about Jesse Bradford, but I thought his character was so CUTE and so FUNNY and just SO AWESOME when I first saw it. Watching it again, well of course he looks like a child, first of all. But second of all, when he has his meetcute with Kirsten Dunst, he’s wearing:


Clearly, a Clash t-shirt. To me, this shirt is pretty obvious. Even if you don’t know The Clash, you should know that they existed, at least. But when Kirsten Dunst points it out, she says “Is that your band?” Now, would a guy wearing a Clash t-shirt look twice at a girl who didn’t even know The Clash existed, much less any other remote thing about them, even if said girl was Kirsten Dunst? I sort of think not . . . or at least it wouldn’t get off to this super cute start.

But yes, Ian Roberts was great. Before his character, a choreographer, shows up, I was trying to remember if anyone famous played him. Chris asked if it was Matt Walsh, and I knew it wasn’t . . . but then it was Ian Roberts! Ian Roberts looks so much like an average dude, it never occurred to me that a member of Upright Citizens Brigade was in Bring It On. It was more obvious though watching it this time because all of the energy and humor in any scene he’s in goes straight to him.

Bring It On isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s not trying to be. I was mostly relieved it wasn’t totally anti-female or something, which can happen pretty easily with hindsight and older movies.


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