I’ve mentioned before it’s hard to get Elizabeth to watch horror movies but getting her to watch kids movies is even harder. Because of that I watched Big Hero 6 on my own. And I’m glad I did cause I really enjoyed it. It’s interesting though because I feel like animated movies today can only be successful if they have very sad emotional plotlines. I feel like Wall-E was the first time I really noticed that and with movies like Up and Wreck-It Ralph are in the same category. I’m still unsure how those minions are so popular but in Despicable Me, again, there is that very sad plotline. It’s not necessarily that I dislike that but I find it interesting.

Big Hero 6 is a movie I wish I had seen in theaters because I really like the animation and city design of Tokyo Francisco, or whatever the town was that they lived. I really need to check out these comics now. And I am glad I watched this on my own because I do no think Elizabeth would of enjoyed it as much as I did.

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