Cool Runnings: pleasant and cute, but not particularly interesting. Of course, I loved this movie as a kid, but watching as an adult and learning all the ins and outs of the sports-side of the story, it’s just sort of boring. I think to me, the biggest disappointment is that despite everything, nothing really happens at the end. All they do is compete in the Olympics. That’s obviously something . . . but enough to base a whole movie around? It ends with the movie telling us that the team was accepted at the next Olympics. Great! But to justify making a movie out of a sports story, I’m going to need more glory than that.

That being said . . . I mean, it’s a John Candy/Doug E. Doug/Early 90s Disney movie (with no dead parents!), so it’s still pretty charming and sort of makes you feel warm and fuzzy watching it.


Cool Runnings used to play on Disney Channel all the time. After watching this again with Elizabeth I really noticed how much I must have watched it as kid. Every single scene felt like I had just watched it yesterday.

I used to love watching Camp Candy but Cool Runnings could easily be first place I knew who John Candy was. This movie also does a great job of showing a team coming together and learning how to work together. I kind of hope Pop shows the Spurs this movie each off-season to remind them how important it is to work as one.

If you have not seen this then I assume you were just too old when this came out and if that’s the case, absolutely check this out!


One thought on “COOL RUNNINGS (1993)

  1. I’d wanted to see this for a long time because I kept hearing it come up on lists of the best sports movies ever. With that build up, it was certainly a disappointment (but then, so was Breaking Away, to me). It was a fun movie, but not exceptionally clever or compelling. Will certainly always remember it and have a special connection with it because the night I watched it was the night I’d had the beer that made me fall in love with [craft] beer — a Belgian-style quadrupel called Flyin’ Monks from an Austin brewery.

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