LEGEND (1985)



Legend is very beautiful. But I think I missed the boat on this one by about 20 years because it’s straight up a story about unicorns and fairies. And these:


Those eyebrows, Tom. Woof.


This was one of the films we watched multiple times growing up. Family movies were ones that we had all seen and were willing to watch as a family. Thinking about it now that might be why I do not like doing that now. If Elizabeth and I are down to watch a movie I always want something new where Elizabeth could go either way. I think since our relationship started, Spring Breakers is the only movie we have watched twice together.

I always really liked Legend. I thought the world was fun and the scene with the marsh witch or whatever she is was really cool. Although I always found it to be a bit confusing and hard to follow. Watching it again, much older, I see why I felt that. The story really isn’t confusing; the movie is just painfully slow.

The best part about this film is easily the costumes and Tim Curry as Darkness. I loved as a kid and still think it’s the best part of the movie is a scene where he slowly steps out of a mirror. If you are super into fantasy this is absolutely for you but if you are already not into the subject matter I don’t think you would find too much to enjoy from this.

For me it’s all about the memories and I have a lot of good ones from watching this growing up!


One thought on “LEGEND (1985)

  1. Still haven’t seen this, but want to give it a shot. Mostly because of Tim Curry. Maybe all because of Tim Curry, since a story about unicorns and Tom Cruise’s forest brows are not big draws for me.

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