The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) 8


Sooo we watched this just cause I wanted to continue like we have with Friday the 13th. Also Matthew McConaughey is in the third or fourth film in this franchise and I kind of want/wanted to see that as well. However, this movie just ended up being too gross while also just being the same story as the first film.

Dennis Hopper is in this one and I really thought that meant this film was going to be better. However his character is pretty much by himself most of the movie. He’s trying to cut down the family’s lair and I guess it was built very well because it takes him almost half the movie to do it.

Also, I felt like they really dropped the ball on Leatherface as a character. In this film we are supposed to kind of feel sorry for him I guess? But he’s just does what his family tells him to do. I wish they went with my theory of Leatherface just needing a female figure in his life and possibly identifying as female. Oh well.

Also there are just so many long scenes; We get that you beat that guy in the head; Okay Leatherface, that metal door isn’t going to be cut by your saw; Fine, put that other persons face skin her face, but we get it and you can stop now.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre wasn’t very good but it somehow managed to be better than The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. The sequel follows a radio DJ who looks like Laurie Metcalf and sounds like Holly Hunter but is confusingly neither of them. She ends up in Leatherface’s lair and . . . I sort of stopped watching. Oh, I was there, but I literally couldn’t look at the screen after a certain point because it was so disgusting. I’m usually not easily grossed out by gore, but this was just over the top. And it wasn’t scary at all! Not remotely worth it.

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