For a lot of reasons, I shouldn’t like Speed Racer: it’s based on a TV show I never watched, said TV show was made for children, and it’s full of computer animation. But from pretty much the first few minutes of watching it in theaters in 2008, I loved it, and it’s still great.

I think the biggest thing that may keep someone from enjoying Speed Racer is the fact the world of Speed Racer is not our world. That’s not an uncommon thing for a movie, but it’s a little different here. I’m not sure why it feels different, but it’s for the better, I think. Because right away you are thrown into this weird, slick, Technicolor world and you know it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced, because this is solely the world of Speed Racer.

To go along with that, Speed Racer never tries to be anything it’s not. The movie is not only goofy but aware of its goofiness so that it doesn’t feel forced or corny. It doesn’t make too many profound statements beyond racing, and when it does, they’re the kind of statements that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, like how a family sticks together.

But the biggest thing about Speed Racer is the effects. Normally I hate a movie that’s filmed all on a green screen, but this is Speed Racer through the eyes of The Wachowski Brothers which not only means special effects are necessary but also that those same effects are in excellent hands. Everything felt seamless and real, which given how the movie looks is pretty impressive.

So yeah, if you want to watch a movie that’s solely for adults or without computer animation, then you probably shouldn’t go with Speed Racer. But if you accept the concept of the movie and just go with it, it’s so worth it.


I saw this movie in theaters when it came out when I was in college. I honestly went because Matthew Fox was in it and this was at the height of my Lost obsession. I’m glad I did because this movie is so good and best seen in theaters. I was blown away by how much I loved it.

At first I wasn’t sure if I would like all the crazy CGI, but I think this film did such a great job of being consistent. This world is crazy but it also has rules. Watching it now, the CGI still holds up. It’s obvious it’s all not there but since almost everything but the people aren’t there, it works.

This also added another great role to John Goodman’s fantastic career. Him playing the dad and having a background in wrestling is perfect. Seeing him fight were some of the highlights of seeing it on the big screen.

I’m also really excited about how it turned out compared to the show. The show isn’t the best but it’s fun and actually pretty funny.

If you have not seen this absolutely check it out. I think it would be a great movie to watch with younger kids. I really want to watch this again the next time Elizabeth’s niece comes to town.

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