Yeah . . . I only agreed to watch this knowing we will eventually watch Critters 3, Leonardo DiCaprio’s film debut. Hope it’s worth it . . .


I’ve always wanted to see this just from seeing the cover at Blockbuster as a kid. I always thought it was just a rip off of Gremlins. It is but the story is way more straightforward than Gremlins. I also saw a second of the first live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and Raphael sees or walks by a theater playing this.

I also wanted to see this because Leonardo DiCaprio’s first acting role is in the 3rd Critters movie. Since I don’t like watching/reading stuff out of order, I had to watch the first one first. The movie really is plain and simple. However there is a third party in this film that is not evil or good, which I found at least a little interesting.

The story is that the critters are on some kind of space prison, they escape and come to earth, while a human family tries to defend themselves against these CRITTERS, the alien police are also trying to capture them. Pretty easy to follow and fun. When you think about it too much though it really doesn’t make much sense. For example, these critters are dangerous, but a modern day family basically brings them down? They really just seem like space rodents more than scary villains.

I’m glad I watched this but definitely not good movie.

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