Halloween ii 1981 4


I didn’t like Halloween and after now watching Halloween II I don’t really understand why there were two movies. Halloween was boring and only picks up in action toward the very end. Luckily, Halloween II literally picks up right where Halloween left off, so it at least started off much less boring than Halloween.

Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is taken to the hospital to treat the injuries Michael Myers gave her in Halloween. So the action moves from a neighborhood to the hospital, where the events are pretty similar to Halloween. Michael wants to kill Laurie, but instead just one-by-one kills people who don’t even know they’re being stalked. We find out that Laurie is actually Michael’s younger sister, which sheds light as to why he’s targeting her, but still doesn’t help explain why Michael has always been hell-bent on murdering his sisters. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) essentially says he thinks Michael is this immortal, pure evil beast after Michael survived being shot six times and falling off a second floor balcony. So . . . is he a pure evil beast? He does keep surviving fatal attacks, after all. Or is he just a deranged human killer who can just take a lot of shit? We’re never told, and at this point it feels like it’s because the filmmakers don’t know, either.

This was less boring than Halloween because there was more action, but it still just feel into the category of a slasher movie with no real motivation.


Obviously Elizabeth and I have been focusing on the Friday the 13th series, but Halloween is still a series I would like to watch through as well. As I think I mentioned before, Michael Myers scared the shit out of me when I first learned about him. I was fairly old, probably like middle school? But someone had the Michael mask at a sleepover birthday party I went to and I have a very vivid memory sitting up with fear that whole night. I can still smell the mask. Actually, I just bought that Gorilla Tape and it had the exact plastically smell. It was a weird feeling smelling it when I opened it up. It was one of those things where I have been looking for that smell again but have not come across it again until now. Anyway, Halloween, the idea, scared me and made me want to never see any of these movies.

When Elizabeth and I watched Halloween in theaters last year, I was so disappointed by how not scary it really was. The actual movie was nowhere near as horrifying as the movie I created in my head.

But I also kind of love that. Now that I’m adult I can look at this film in a whole new perspective and an idea that I thought would murder me in my sleep, is now something I can make fun of with Elizabeth.

Halloween II I do think is more interesting than the first one. I thought it kept my interest way more than the first movie. I also like that they got right into the action. In this movie it’s basically just Michael going around a hospital killing people. It’s really clear why more people don’t realize he’s there and go to stop him, but logic never seems to be a factor in these kinds of movies. I think what does get me about this franchise though is the music. I do really love that and it gets me excited to see what’s to come. Too bad the movies couldn’t create a more interesting villain than Michael Myers. Yes, he’s a “monster” but can’t we get more about the person than a doctor running around the whole time screaming he’s not human?

I can only assume the movies get worse and more mystical from here.

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