We are Christopher and Elizabeth. We love each other. We love movies. Here we’re going to write about movies we’ve watched together.

We watch a movie together, either in theaters or at home, and then write our respective posts independently of each other. When we write our posts, we don’t read each others’ so that we won’t get influenced by each other, but if you notice some redundancy, that’s why. Then we slap on a picture and tags, post, and move on!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Other than few spelling errors or missing letters (which I can assume were written in a fuss. See: Heaven is for Real) I really enjoy your work. Keep it up guys.

  2. Just found this blog randomly browsing through the web, definitely going on favorites and will constantly be back to check
    for updates. Cheers guys!

  3. I read the comments you made on The Paperboy… Quite frankly, I hope you were not serious when you wrote that. If you were, it shows you understand nothing to movies, plots, acting, and you should refrain from ever commenting on anything again.

    Read these, they will help you understand the movie…

    1. Quite frankly . . . I hope you’re not serious about responding to a post from January 2013 with a comment that you hope we never comment on anything again. The Paperboy is a piece of shit movie, end of story. We understood the movie, we saw the movie, we don’t need to read anything about the movie. We could read an entire book explaining and defending every element of the movie and it wouldn’t change the movie we saw. Sorry buddy, thanks . . . but no thanks.

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