One thing I love about Boogie Nights is how it’s so different, but so distinctly a Paul Thomas Anderson movie. I’ve seen every of his features, and there’s something so specific about his filmmaking, without being distracting. I don’t think you watch Boogie Nights constantly reminded that he directed it, but it’s still there.

But yeah, like so many of Anderson’s movies, Boogie Nights’s cast is almost unreal. Mark Wahlberg, Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, Don Cheadle, John C. Reilly, William H. Macy, Heather Graham, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Thomas Jane, Alfred Molina, etc etc etc etc. I mean, come on! But it’s not just that there’s so many great individual actors; they all just interact so well together. Maggie (Julianne Moore) and Dirk (Mark Wahlberg) have a particularly weird, but still convincing relationship. They have a real Oedipal thing going on.

I think what I love most about the actual filmmaking of Boogie Nights is the transitions. Scenes so often change without being cut; maybe we’ll follow a car driving away at the end of a scene, which passes by a character who will take us into the next scene. It’s a really cool way of totally capturing this weird, sort of closed off universe that Boogie Nights exists in.

One of my friends in high school made the mistake of seeing Boogie Nights with her parents. So definitely see it, but definitely be aware of whom you’re seeing it with.


I’m not sure why it took me so long to watch this movie but it’s a masterpiece. This movie has one of the best scenes I have ever come across in my movie watching experience. The scene is the one where Alfred Molina shows up. It’s beyond what I thought this film could provide. It’s pure magic.

The other thing that I think makes Boogie Nights so grand is the fact that it has an all-star cast but that it’s not distracting. This movie provided so many things that I thought I would never see involving so many actors that I really really like.

 The movie was great and I hope that I watch it again soon.




  • Best Animated Feature


So so good!! It was certainly pretty cheesy but I found this movie to be very engaging throughout. I think this film did an excellent job with their video game references. It was clever but not over the top. It definitely made me want to go to Pinballz today!

As of now this is my front-runner for Best Animated Feature. I can’t imagine I’ll like the others as much but I guess we’ll see today, as Elizabeth and I try to cram as many movies in at the end as possible.

Watch this! And bring your kids and parents!


I liked Wreck-It Ralph a lot, but it sort of pointed out some issues I have with big-name animated movies, particularly using actors’ voices that I’m really familiar with. As compelling as the animation was, it was nearly impossible for me to see their characters and not John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch. And since this is technically a kids’ movie, maybe that’s just not a huge concern for the filmmakers, but it was distracting to me.

Another issue I had was there seemed to be too many stories and conflicts going on. Everything came together neatly in the end, but before that I was feeling bogged down and it was sort of hard to keep track of everything, which I can’t imagine is a great quality for a kids’ movie.

But, all of that being said, I really loved the animation. Because Wreck-It Ralph deals with so many different kinds of video games, the characters’ animation changed depending on what kind of game they came from, which I thought was a really cool touch. It’s certainly a fun (and not devastating as so many Disney movies seem to be) movie.