I put off watching this movie forever cause I thought that since I already knew Tucker and Dale weren’t the bad guys but were the victims of unfortunate situations, that the movie wouldn’t be very interesting. Well you know all of that within the first few minutes so I never really thought about it. This movie is basically two movies and at so many times reminded me of Cabin in the Woods, even though it’s older. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is not as great but it’s still pretty great!


I really enjoyed Tucker & Dale vs. Evil way more than I thought I would. I think a lot of that is because it sort of reminded me of The Cabin in the Woods except way less scary.

What was so interesting about Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is that it starts out as being basically about two movies, and then the movies sort of merge into one, all seamlessly. At first, there’s one storyline of a group of teenagers/possibly college students going on vacation together. Then there’s the storyline of Tucker (Alan Tudyk – and I love you, Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine), two best friends going to fix up Tucker’s recently bought vacation cabin. Tucker and Dale aren’t stupid hillbillies, but they definitely have that backwoods vibe going on (mostly because they’re there to do work). Every time Tucker and Dale cross paths with the teens, we see it from Tucker and Dale’s perspective (like when Tucker convinces Dale to have the courage to talk to one of the teen girls), and then from the teens’ perspective (when Dale goes to talk to them, they interpret his nervousness as stupidity and are scared by him). Basically, the teens are stuck in a horror movie and Tucker and Dale are just kind of sucked in. Various accidents cause the teens to kill themselves in various ways, until we find out that one of the teens is actually evil.

As you might guess, what helps make the movie so great are Tucker and Dale themselves. They’re totally genuine, not just in their friendship but in their total cluelessness about what the hell is going on around them and why they’re even involved. And did I mention I love Alan Tudyk?

The Cabin in the Woods deserves its good reputation, but I think Tucker and Dale vs. Evil should be just as well-known. It’s great. Alan Tudyk!