Elizabeth (spoilers)

Whoa. This movie. I had heard a lot about it and its badness, particularly in an amazing scene from Parks and Recreation where the characters start watching Deep Blue Sea instead of helping one of them move. And yeah, it was worth seeing.

You know a movie is bad/good when you watch it with someone and disagree on the plot. Well, I shouldn’t say I disagreed with Chris on the plot because he was just right and I was wrong. I definitely thought Samuel L. Jackson revealed himself to be a bad guy that orchestrated the entire shark thing, but I guess he didn’t at all and I just missed that somehow. Hmm, whatever.

But I have to say, I am a fan of how much of a “Don’t give a shit” attitude Deep Blue Sea has. Because literally everyone in this movie dies except Thomas Jane and LL Cool J. Most action movies, shitty or not, don’t kill off the majority of their cast, but Deep Blue Sea went for it. There were also some legit scary parts, like when a shark bites off Stellan Skarsgard’s arm, and then attacks him while he’s being airlifted out, and then uses his body to try to smash through underwater glass. It’s totally absurd, but also sort of scary.

Deep Blue Sea is definitely fun enough to make it worth while.


I remember watching this once, maybe in college, but all I really remember is the crazy Samuel L. Jackson scene. Watching it now, I never realized that LL Cool J is pretty much by himself the whole time? And no one ever thinks twice about him being alive?

Watching it now, this movie is pretty fun to watch. I also really love Thomas Jane and watching this just made me want to watch Hung.