I think The Shining must be one of the most slow-moving and effective horror movies ever. I think it’s easy to find slow-moving or effective horror movies, but rarely is it both. But it is Stanley Kubrick, after all.

I think the pace of The Shining just adds to its effectiveness, though. You get so used to something, whether it’s a sound or an image, that when suddenly it changes on you, and for whatever reason that’s so freaky. It’s like same idea that’s behind things jumping out at you to startle you, but this method cuts way deeper.

Also, how awful of a pediatrician/child psychologist was that lady from the beginning of the movie? Now, I know times have changed since this movie came out, but come on. When she asks Danny (Danny Lloyd) if his imaginary friend, Tony, makes him do things, he says he doesn’t want to talk about Tony anymore. So she says, “Alright!” and never presses it further. And then when Wendy (Shelley Duvall) tells her that her husband Jack (Jack Nicholson) dislocated Danny’s shoulder when he was drunk . . . she doesn’t even respond! Now, okay, obviously there are evil outside forces that turn Jack, but still. A lot of conflict could have been prevented if that lady had just done her job. Geez.


This is a movie that I think I might have watched at a younger age but I truly do not remember ever watching it. I remember my family watching it on multiple occasions and I’m not sure if I don’t remember or I was too scared to watch it in the first place. I could see either being true.

I’m glad Elizabeth brought it up to watch this cause it really is worth all the praise people tend to give it. It’s beautiful, the acting is great, and it scared the shit out of me. This did make me think though that watching a giant hotel for five months in the middle of nowhere kind of sounds great. Elizabeth was not as into the idea but I could see myself taking a bunch of books, comics, and art supplies to just do what I enjoy for weeks on end. Maybe five months is too long but at least two!





A badass car killing people for fun. This is what Christine is and that’s why I love her. Though the first part of the film was some overly close bromance between two friends (lovers?), once the carnage of Christine started, it became a very enjoyable movie. I thought it was filmed great; if they shot it now it would be awful CG. I wish I had seen this during my Duel phase because I would have loved it. Also, this film has definitely shed a light on all the times I’ve seen it parodied –  not that you really need to see the film to get that it’s a car killing people. I was never really one to name cars but after seeing this I think I’m going to do it. My car’s name is now Belinda.


I set my DVR to record Christine because I thought it would be a cheesy 80s horror movie; it’s about a killer car for God’s sakes. Maybe because my expectations were pretty low to begin with, but in the end I found that Christine is . . . not bad?

It’s definitely weird. There’s no gore and the car doesn’t talk (as I was sort of expecting/hoping). But it really focuses on obsession, and how if someone (in this case, a nerdy kid) has nothing really to hold onto, they’ll latch on to whatever they can, even if it’s a haunted car.

Another thing that really caught my attention was the music. It wasn’t your average run-of-the-mill, synth-y 80s horror music. It was sort of cool. Really cool, actually. It sounded like something pulled from a John Maus record, which added to the whole feel that the movie wasn’t too lame and was surprisingly cool.

Note: After seeing Chris’ post, I thought I should add that my car’s name is Gloria.