This is a movie I saw when I saw young and remember the story being interesting, engaging, and really enjoying it. Watching this movie now however, makes me question who this movie was actually made for. It feels almost like an Adam Sandler movie where the story feels so childish and kid-friendly but it’s also littered with adult humor and possibly legit scary moments for a kid.

I’ve never really been a big fan of Peter Jackson and this adds to those feelings. I’m not sure how one could watch Frighteners and think, that’s the guy we want to take charge of this giant book franchise. I think the next Jackson movie I want to try is Bad Seed and see if there is anything interesting there. I feel like he has as much talent as George Lucas. It’s there but also not really?

I don’t think I would recommend this to anyone.


According to Chris, we watched this movie. And I sort of remember it. But last night we finished watching Lost (my first time through) and I can’t make any more room in my brain right now to try to pluck out the memory of watching it.

But I’m guessing it wasn’t good.